A short story, told by A.I.
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Once upon a time, there was
a young man who was convinced that his neighbor was an agent of the devil. Since no trusted the local priest, he decided to go straight to the top with his problem. One day, he went to visit the Pope himself. Addressing him the
a rabbit. No one was aware at the time, but this rabbit was the great great champion of slaughtering the pussies of the land.
a man who loved writing. But his writing made his wife absolutely miserable. Whenever he would come home after spending hours writing his stories, his wife would ask him if the end was near yet? And when he'd asked... "Just how long are
a peasant farmer who was very, very poor. He lived in a little hut on the edge of a dark forest in a poor, wind-blown village. The man had a family and they worked together to scratch out a meager living. The man
a beautiful castle, and four lovely princesses lived there. One day, the king and queen realized they needed to get the girls married off fast.
a farmer.  He was well known in his clan for knowing how to plant seeds to grow large, healthy carrots.
a prince of a land far from here. He served his king through riding as one of his royal knights. In exchange for his loyal service over time, he was fortunate enough to gain wealth and was finally able to start his own shop. With his
a beautiful and intelligent young lady whose name was Sita. She had such a low self-esteem that she felt worthless and empty. She did not have the ability to judge herself objectively. When a doctor assured her that she was of a normal weight
a girl. She was a very shy girl. Her friends and family nicknamed her Buttercup. One day, she met a boy  who filled her with a passion of passion. That boy shortened her nickname to just 'Butchie.' They became deeply
a shopkeeper named Frog who ran a lollipop shop. Unlike other lollipop shops, Frog's shop did not make lollipops or even sell lollipops. Frog's shop only sold lollipop ropes. The l
a woman who worked at home, and due to how she worked, she unintentionally developed narcolepsy and developed 4 hour sleeps throughout the day. Her sleep cycles were anywhere between 3pm-5pm (naps), 10pm-10am
a rich king, who lived in a very beautiful palace. With all his riches, he had everything he could wish for.
a little girl who obeyed her mother.
a mad princess who hated everything.  She loathed the royal gardens and would hunt down every single one of the kiss-chubbiest-little-frogs there.  She would then open her mouth and clap it shut again
a little boy, one day the boy was walking near a forest in the forest there was a witch the boy found the witch and said,"errr..what are you doing here witch come near me" the witch said," I am a witch I
a wealthy man who bought a new Ferrari car. He was very proud of his new Ferrari. Everyday, whenever he returned from work, he would thoroughly wash and polish its body. He would drive it only on Sundays and he would exhibit the car to
a girl who lived in icy mountains. She was blind, deaf, and mute. One day, her father decided to leave the house to find sexual intercourse, he left a note on the door by saying " It's your adventure, find the key
a bad guy who had received much more than his share of dinner tables for all his achievements. But he was really bad by standards and refused to give balanced credit for the real "stars" of his successes. So in time he worked his way up
a very quiet little town in the middle of nowhere that didn't have any culture. One day, an old man got a big idea. He sent his son to the biggest, most cultural town nearby to get brightly colored shiny beads, not the kind
a district attorney who had ten notorious and discreet criminals on his list. There were continued reports of grave robberies around town and mysterious disappearances of people in their homes at night. People were also being held for ransom.
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